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Welcome To Unlearning Ableism

17% of the world’s population identify as Disabled, making us the largest minority group in the world.

Despite this, ableism is one of the most under-addressed, under-discussed, and underrepresented conversations in society. Society is failing to unlearn our inherent ableism.

Unlearning Ableism makes the uncomfortable comfortable. We want to end this cycle of oppression and create an inclusive society that is accessible, empowers, represents and provides opportunity and participation for everyone.

Jamie and Celia speaking at events

Celia and Jamie co-founded Unlearning Ableism out of necessity. Having both grown up impacted by ableism and having both been severely affected by internalised ableism. They know all too well the damage ableism has on Disabled People. We know how it feels. We know the trauma it enforces and we know this cycle of oppression cannot continue. The ableism knowledge gap needs to be filled. That is why we founded Unlearning Ableism.

Celia serving Founder realness as she stares down the camera.
Jamie serving Registered Blind AuDHD Rhino realness.